What We Do

 Disc-Village has two departments; one is agriculture and the other is flying disc.  Through growing crops and enjoying playing the flying discs, we appreciate the nature, health and life.  We are trying to pursue the realization of the sustainable society.

Who Is Toka

Toka, the founder of Disc-Village has played ultimate, disc golf and many other flying disc games since 1990. He is in love with the flying disc and has won the Japan ultimate championship in his youth.  He has been a member of the Japan national team several times.  The World ultimate championship in 2020 is his new challenge as a head coach for the Japan grand master team.

He has also established the Tohoku League and has contributed to organize new teams all around the Tohoku region. Toka is trying to make the Tohoku League nice and casual with music played around the fields just like many tournaments overseas and he himself plays the ukulele between the games.


Toka is a farmer growing apples and rice partly organic with his family.  He is trying to encourage all the flying disc players to eat healthy and keep playing the flying disc for life!




Agriculture + Flying Disc

Disc-Village has its own ultimate team. It consists of Toka's three children, people in his local area and players who wish to play with Toka.  They play ultimate for tournaments around the country and disc golf all year around.   

The team Disc-Village welcomes other teams, mainly those of universities but sometimes the juniors as well , to their home field over a weekend and play together with and against them.  What is more, it holds some ultimate events such as "Azalea Games" and "Tochigi Leagues".  Disc Village can provide the players with home made lunch; often soup, curry and rice and rice balls when requested. 

For the disc golf event called "Aizu Open" and many ultimate events run by Club Jr. inc(※), Disc-Village cooperates with its rice, apples, apple juice and jam as prizes for the players. 


The goal Disc Village is aiming at is to connect Agriculture and the Flying Disc in a sense to inspire the athletes to be conscious of what they eat so that they can stay in good health and enjoy the sports for life long.   


(※)Disc-Village is a Tohoku and Hokkaido branch office

     for Club Jr. inc.





Name    Disc-village

Street     25 kou takuchitsuduki Sawada Shimogo

City/ZIP  Minamiaizu Fukushima 969-5344 Japan

Email: discvillage@gmail.com

Telephone: 090-5230-5804