Every day is full of “Thanks"

We are going through a tunnel in which we can't yet see a light at the end. There seems to be no confirmed cases of infection yet in the countryside here, however, there is certainly a silent threat. News of popular icons’ deaths reminds us to face the reality of the situation. We have to do our part by washing our hands, avoiding the Three Cs, and reducing our social interaction down to 20%. Because of current uncertainties, let’s practice what we can do with determination.


There are a lot people who work on the front line. I am extremely grateful of their efforts in helping to prevent a catastrophic effect. In fact, there have always been many essential workers here. This is something I have taken for granted, until now. I would like to show my gratitude to all doctors, nurses, clerks at tellers, grocery store staff, school teachers and every single person that supports our lives.


I will do my best to stay safe and healthy; working hard to send our rice, apple juice, and jam to our customers, and stock rice. I want to ensure we always have enough rice during this state of emergency. That is what Zutto Umai Club is for.


We start replanting rice seedlings from May 21. We will take care of our crops everyday so that we can send you delicious new rice. (Toka)