Apple Jam

Toka RINGO JAM - apple jam


TOkA RINGO JAM is very popular among flying disc players  because it is made from perfectly ripened apples.

One box contains eight apple jams. (600g×8)

Our jam is free from artificial preservatives. Our current batch can be used until November 2020.



KODAWARI RINGO JAM -apple jam for "fussy people":)

KODAWARI means fussy in Japanese.

For those who are particular about the ingredients or who want to taste more of our apples, we have made this KODAWARI jam.

This jam is made from our freshly farmed apples, non-waxed lemons from our friend's farm in Miyake-jima island, and cane sugar.

We believe these ingredients are the perfect combination for delicious jam.




  • 5 kg
  • 残りわずか
  • 1日〜3日

Toka Rice

Toka rice -organic Koshihikari


Kosihikari is the highest quality of Japanese rice.

We grow it without pesticide. 

We can vacuum-seal our rice in a small plastic package for an extra ¥50.

This is a good option if you think you cannot finish it within a month.




  • 5 kg
  • 販売中
  • 1日〜3日

Toka Apple

Apple Fuji 5kg -for family use


 Although "Family use" apples are not as good looking or perfectly shaped,

they still have the same delicious taste!

We can pack 16-20 apples in a box. 


We can also swap out some apples for jam in the same box. Please let us know if you would like to do this. 

(The price varies according to the number of jams included instead of apples)


ALL SOLD OUT this season





  • 5 kg
  • 販売終了

Toka Apple Juice


Toka Apple Juice is 100% squeezed juice made from completely ripened "TOKA APPLES.

Our juice is centrifuged, making it very clear and sweet. 

Please keep it under 10 °c once opened, and use within 7 days.




  • 0.5 kg
  • 販売終了

ZUC is a delivery service for our regular customers.   We are offering...

 ・Secure: we keep as much rice as you like for a year in good condition. Not to worry about sold out!

 ・Discount: for instance, if you buy 5 kg a month, you get 5 % off the price.

 ・Carry over: when the ordered amount cannot be consumed by the next harvest, you will be refunded or the surplus money can be

     carried over.

 ・Bonus: we will send you some fresh vegetables or fruits in high season.


How to order ZUC

    Please feel free to contact us      and


    Please choose 

        1. the brand between 

            a) Toka(organic Koshikikari)  *sold out

            b) Koshihikari (suitable for Japanese food)

            c) Hitomebore (suitable for western style meal)


        2. the degree of rice polish between

           a) White rice (completely polished)

           b) Partially polished rice (10%-90%)

           c) Brown rice 

    Please tell us  

        3. the amount

             - how much rice is expected to be consumed a month


        4. the delivery date

             - request for the day and time to receive the parcel


   Please pay in advance.

        The bill will be sent with a Japan post bank transfer form.  Please pay in advance.