English · 2020/05/13
Thank You. It’s Mother’s Day today. It’s a day to express our gratitude to our wonderful Mother’s. I received a lot of orders for the Mother’s Day bundle of apple juice and jam. I’m glad to be able to help our customers say “Thank you” to their mothers! The Mother’s Day bundle is currently still available to purchase. Why not make the best of this opportunity to thank your Mother too? Press here to order the Mother’s Day bundle! We have countless moments in life to be...
English · 2020/05/11
The apple flowers are in bloom; approximately eight days earlier than usual.
English · 2020/04/28
We are going through a tunnel in which we can't yet see a light at the end. There seems to be no confirmed cases of infection yet in the countryside here, however, there is certainly a silent threat. News of popular icons’ deaths reminds us to face the reality of the situation. We have to do our part by washing our hands, avoiding the Three Cs, and reducing our social interaction down to 20%. Because of current uncertainties, let’s practice what we can do with determination. There are a lot...
English · 2020/04/02
It's a new challenge for us to introduce ourselves in English. https://www.disc-village.com/english/
English · 2020/03/30
It’s snowy today. Not cold but looks like the real winter now! Coronavirus. We are facing the critical situation. It is said that the development of therapeutic drugs takes a year or more! We are at a loss. However, cutting-edge technology makes it possible to introduce enormous amount of data. It’s a epoch-making procedure. Anyway, the most primitive but effective way is to try not to spread. I didn't take it seriously at first, but I have changed my mind. Let’s look forward to seeing...
English · 2020/03/21