Thank you.

Thank You.


It’s Mother’s Day today.

It’s a day to express our gratitude to our wonderful Mother’s.


I received a lot of orders for the Mother’s Day bundle of apple juice and jam.

I’m glad to be able to help our customers say “Thank you” to their mothers!


The Mother’s Day bundle is currently still available to purchase.  Why not make the best of this opportunity to thank your Mother too?


Press here to order the Mother’s Day bundle!


We have countless moments in life to be grateful for: for being born, for the food we eat each day, for the love of our friends and families. Be thankful for every aspect of happiness in your life.


With this in mind, we try to stay positive whilst bringing you some sad news.

In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we’ve unfortunately had to cancel The Tochigi League (1st and 2nd), followed by The Azalea Games.


For us all, sport is a symbol of peace, joy and happiness. This is why I feel Ultimate cannot be played under the current circumstances. This is also true for the olympics and many other sporting events around the world.


We have cancelled these events with a heavy heart, but we have to be cautious during this time, as I’m sure you understand.


Be thankful -now more than ever- for the small joys in life, and always be kind to those around you. 


Thank you!